jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

One night a boy and I rowed across the lake. He was furious with me because I wanted to let another boy go with us. He was cross all the way across the lake and crosser still when we found -after we finished shopping- that our boat was gone and we had to walk back around the end of the lake. On the way I stood a moment looking out across the marshes -marshes with tall cattails, a patch of water, more marsh, then the woods with a few birch trees shining white at the edge on beyond. In the darkness it all looked just like I felt -wet and swampy and gloomy, very gloomy. In the morning I painted it.

Georgia O´Keeffe


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  1. Quel beau dessin, les garçons sont une source d'inspiration très fertile (et la nature aussi) !